An Inner Adventure in San Miguel de Allende

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There is only one journey – going inside yourself.
~ Rainer Maria Rilke






San Miguel de Allende offers visitors seeking an adventure of the spirit a unique opportunity for personal growth. To refresh your soul, inspire your heart, and expand your inner horizons, here are ten exciting activities to connect with in San Miguel.


  • Attend a Full Moon Meditation. If you are in San Miguel during a full moon, local shaman Alicia Mayo conducts a special meditation that celebrates our nearest cosmic neighbor and draws the moon’s feminine energy to down to earth. Check the English newspaper, Atencion for days and times.

  • Tour the Seven Churches.. No matter what religion or philosophy of life you follow, a walking tour of the seven Spanish Colonial Catholic churches in downtown San Miguel will nurture your soul. Soaring architectural splendor from a bygone age – in the service of the spirit.

  • Take a Hero’s Journey to Higher Awareness. LifePath Retreats features its core program, a week-long inner hero’s journey to help you live to your fullest potential – and four-day theme retreats: Cosmic Consciousness (Holy Week), Shaman Way, Mysteries of the Enneagram, and the Divine Feminine (Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe). Phone locally 154.8465 – or call ahead from the United States and Canada: 214.764.1743. On the web:

  • Explore Your Dreams. Many visitors report that San Miguel stimulates dreaming. Intuitive dream reader and award-winning author, Joseph Dispenza, offers weekly classes in dream interpretation. An opportunity to delve into the unconscious to shed light on your waking life. Drop-ins welcome. Tuesdays, Recreo 80.

  • Work with a Shaman. San Miguel is home to several shamanic healers and curanderos. Sessions include a ritual limpia (cleansing) and perceptive observations and advice about life issues, such as career, relationship, life purpose, and health.

  • Relax into Energy Bodywork. States-trained and licensed massage therapist, Mike Herbert, was written up in Massage Magazine for his unique, intuitive approach to balancing body energy through various therapies, including hot stone massage. Check the Wellness section for a list of local massage therapists.

  • Soak in Sacred Thermal Springs. Just outside town are several natural thermal springs, which invite the solitary seeker to do a private cleansing ritual or simply relax. Link your time at the springs with a visit to the world-famous Sixteenth Century shrine in Atotonilco.

    To make your stay in San Miguel an adventure of the spirit, consider undertaking one or more of these personal growth opportunities. 

    imageJOSEPH DISPENZA is the author of The Way of the Traveler: Making Every Trip a Journey of Self-Discovery and eleven other books. A former monk and university professor, he lives San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, where he is co-founder of LifePath Retreats — 6-day hero’s journeys to living a more meaningful and satisfying life. Reach him through his website:
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