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Oko Noodle Bar

A small, funky Asian Fusion Restaurant in San Miguel de Allende with a fresh menu, live music, and a fun hip vibe provided by the best staff a restaurant could ask for.
Featuring Summer Fun Nights. The classic Oko Menu is available every night with these fun additions!

Mondays- Join us every Monday night for free Salsa lessons with David and the best 45 peso coconut mojitos this side of the border! Lessons start at 5 pm.

Tuesdays- Ladies Night Motown Shakedown with DJ Martha spinning the classics while the dance party is fueled by 20 Peso Cocktails for woman. Men Welcome, Ladies Celebrated!

Wednesday- Aldo's Sushi Night with Maki Roll Specials, Saki Martinis and Peter Ross on the traditional Japanese Flute

Thursdays- The eclectic duo of Akaly serenade us every Thursday night with their guitars, sax, and soulful voices.

Fridays Mad Men Night with DJ Misa
Men! Grab your backgammon boards and stogies and come on down for 2 for 1 Classic Cocktails! Ladies Welcome, Men Celebrated!


Address & Contact Info
Plaza Alhondiga Loc. 7
San Miguel de Allende
(415) -110-3283
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Oko Noodle Bar Oko Noodle Bar Oko Noodle Bar

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